New Features in Laravel 5.5. Check what’s new inside


Laravel 5.5 is Laravel is now officially released! . It comes with new features. We have listed some of them below:

  • Latest LTS version (LONG TERM SUPPORT):

    This will not get any new feature but keep getting bug fix and security updates. There is three years of security updates and two years of bug fixes.

  • Require PHP 7.0+ :

    it will work with latest version of php. It will increase the speed and decrease the load of CPU by half.

  • Whoops:

    whoops was used in older versions of laravel and removed when Laravel 5 was releases now it come back with the 5.5 version. Whoops will show you where the exact bug or error is.

  • Package auto recovery:

    Now you will get option only get the features and files you want to see from vendor’s folder. Before it, the folder will show all the data inside it. And it will automatically register all service providers.

  • Email templates :

    Now Laravel 5.5 give you more templates for email and you can use any profession template. Before laravel 5.5 there is only one template for email. You can own create your CSS(cascading style sheets).

  • Migrate fresh (NOT REFRESH) :

    if you are familier with lavarel then you have used refresh but now it is fresh because it will delete all these tables and now recreate every table.

  • Front end Preset command:

    Laravel 5.4 is construct with the bootstrap and view. Now in laravel 5.5, you can drop these. If you want to use react instead of view. Now you can use it easily.

  • Improved error view :

    Now Laravel error is simple to fix as not as complicated as it was before. It will find or detect the exact code where the error exists and help to understand it clearly.

  • Validation:

    Now if the validation passes you can get all these field inside variable and pass it to your create command.


    this helper is very nice. These two helpers are very useful. These will reduce the block of conditions into a single line which contains three arguments in a single line.

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