Why Laravel is trending among developers

PHP is a popular open source server-side scripting language. It is impressive that PHP has gained popularity in a very short time and now there are millions of websites built on it. PHP was never the first choice for many developers. However, an open source feature, flexibility and easy to learn attribute, attracted developers to learn and work in PHP. At first, many developers criticized it for un-organized code structure, no-uniform function names and poor OOPS implementation but later on, they enjoyed to play with it, that gave them the freedom to code and write their own code structure.

PHP was always criticized for its un-organized code structure and poor OOPS support. But, the entry of MVC based frameworks and CMS, attracted developers code in PHP, which made it one of the most popular server-side scripting language for web development.

Some of the popular frameworks in PHP are:

  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • CodeIgnitor
  • CakePHP
  • Zend Framework


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Now a days, Laravel is on the top as it has many things that are worthwhile compared to the others. For instance, Laravel is the first choice if you like PHP and want to work with a fairly modern PHP based Framework. It has all qualities out of the box that a modern framework should have like communicating with a database, authenticating the user, localization (Multiple language support), validations, sending emails, well-organized code, optimum performance, excellent community to help and MVC structure, makes the code more readable and organized.

Why Choose Laravel?

There are many features in Laravel that make it awesome to use. Some important features include:-

1) Artisan

Artisan is a command line interface included in Laravel. It provides a number of helpful commands to use that makes things easy while developing a web application. It’s a fun to create any model, controller, and other things by typing a command.

2) ORM (Eloquent)

Laravel has a query builder like any other frameworks but ORM called eloquent makes dealing with database really easy and well descriptive. Also making relations with models is easy to deal. You don’t have to use ORM in Laravel but it makes things more easy and descriptive.

why choose laravel

3) Migrations and Seeds

Migrations are actually a database version control system in Laravel. It makes the database more usable and provides a sync amongst multiple development environments. It makes easy to manage database structure and keeps track of structure changes by keeping various versions handy.

Seeds can be seen as dummy data in actual, we can also call it auto-insertion of data into database tables. It is same like a sample data that can be inserted to test anything with this dummy data.

4) Blade Template Engine


Laravel’s blade template engine is a breeze to use. It provides the clean syntax for views. Unlike other popular template engines, Blade does not restrict you to use plain PHP code in your views. It’s not too bad, but we can do better without plain PHP codes. Blade may also be used for nice looking layouts and master pages.

5) Laracasts


Laracasts is a Laravel screencast website that has gained tremendous popularity over the past years. It is helping big time learners learn the core concepts of Laravel through text and videos tutorials. These tutorials are easily accessible by anyone looking to learn Laravel from scratch. Another good thing about Laracasts is that you may become a part of the discussions, arranged by a community of developers, for the ease of new learners.

Besides the above Laravel also have excellent features that could have been provided by other frameworks but Laravel has organized all in a great way that puts it ahead of all frameworks such as Authentication, Routes, Automatic environment detections, built in small hosting server, TDD (Test Driven Development) and a huge active community to help.

I am not saying, we should only use Laravel for all kinds of sites. You can use any CMS/Framework as per the requirements. But Laravel is great for bigger projects as well as smaller ones and also, have some good features that are amazing for a serious developer. I have mentioned the important features about Laravel. There are many things to learn about Laravel and all things can not be described in a post. You can learn more and check the Wow factor here on official documentation http://laravel.com/docs/5.5. I tried to make this post more concentrated towards the key features of Laravel as per my understanding. There are several features that can be considered; please leave your valuable comments to elaborate more on this topic. Please be connected here for more interesting facts to come :)

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