8 Tips to Hire Laravel Developer for Your Web Project

Laravel is a well-known PHP web framework that is gaining popularity with every passing day. Where PHP is known for its simplicity, Laravel has also proved itself to be efficient in project handling. It is preferred by a lot of big web developing industries because of its easy and convenient usage. Laravel was introduced in the year 2011 and today in 2017 it has developed itself to be the most appreciated PHP framework, that is used by various industries for their web development projects. It is capable of handling various projects ranging from a simple web app to difficult APIs. It comes with a set of features that simplify the development process for the coders.

Before getting into a detailed discussion on Laravel developer let’s have a look at the key features of Laravel framework.

  1. Easy to combine with other programmes
  2. Excellent resources
  3. Easy authentication
  4. Multiple file system
  5. Route caching
  6. Highly tested HTTP layer
  7. Powerful unit testing
  8. Active record implementation etc.

Because of all these features, presently Laravel is in high demand and the demand for Laravel framework resulted in the demand for its developers. An efficient Laravel developer has the potential to transform your dreams into reality. You only have to choose the right developer for your company.

Here are some tips that will help you to hire Laravel developer for your project.


  • Experience

You should always look for experience in a Laravel developer because his experience speaks about his future performance. Experienced Laravel developers are sure to provide you your preferred results.

  1. Expense

Laravel developers can be hired either at a fixed cost or on an hourly basis.  It is essential to brief the developer about your project requirements. Then the developer will discuss the cost accordingly.

  1. Dedication

A Laravel developer should be very much dedicated towards his service. He should be patient enough to rework on projects to give his customer a full satisfaction with his work.


  1. Check  Previous Work Record

It is very much important for you to thoroughly scrutinize his previous work to examine his work quality. Online work portfolios of Laravel developers help you evaluate their past performances on Laravel development.


  1. Technical Skills

This is the key element of Laravel developers. You have to make sure that his technical skills perfectly match your project requirements.  


  1. Hire Developers From Offshore Companies

It is always a better option to choose offshore developers than onshore developers. This is because onshore developers charge a relatively higher amount of salary than the offshore developers. Best way to get offshore developers is to hire offshore companies which can provide you offshore Laravel developers at a reasonable cost.


  1. Interact Directly With the Developer

Having a face to face interaction with the developer gives him the opportunity to understand what you are looking for. You have to focus on fulfilling your requirement at a reasonable cost. You should have a clear discussion on the following with the Laravel developer which you are willing to hire-

  • Mention your preferred functionality
  • Estimated delivery and expense
  • Testing procedure
  • Specific project needs
  • Mention your business purpose
  • Work assurance
  1. Final agreement

Make sure you take his written consent on your terms and conditions list before finalizing the developer.

Apart from these above-mentioned areas you should also make sure that your Laravel developer possesses the following qualities-

  1. They should clearly describe their code and development process thoroughly with you.
  2. Should be experienced enough to give you a rough sketch of required time and cost estimation
  3. Should be aware of the latest versions of Laravel framework with a thorough knowledge of PHP language.
  4. Should be flexible to adopt new ideas and methodologies
  5. Should be capable of showing examples of their work
  6. Should ask for reasonable rate for his work

If the developer who you are ready to hire, possesses such qualities then you can be assured that you have found the right candidate. It is extremely important for you to choose the deserving one because the success of your work highly depends on their skills. There are thousands of companies available in the market who offer experienced and efficient Laravel developers. They are well trained and focus on successful submission of work following your instructions.


Article Source : http://www.infigic.com/hire-laravel-developer/

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