Top 15 Resources to Learn Laravel

Learning laravel resources

Are you a PHP developer wanting to learn and use a popular PHP framework like Laravel? You have all the reasons for it!


PHP frameworks like Laravel provide a platform that allows you to develop your applications fast. With pre-built directory structures, specific libraries and classes that work as templates for particular application functions, there is really a lot that Laravel can help you with.


So where and how do you start learning Laravel? Here’s a list of 15 of the best Laravel blogs and other resources you can use to build up your PHP knowledge stack with Laravel!


Laravel Documentation

The first most authentic source you can use to learn and understand Laravel is the documentation of the framework itself. Laravel’s documentation contains all the information you need to start with Laravel including installation and configuration. Other in-depth sections cover topics from architecture concepts, to database elements and front end aspects of the official Laravel packages.


Second on the list is Laracasts, a resource owned and run by one of the most renowned coaches in the Laravel community, Jeffrey Way. Instead of using traditional scripts or slide based lectures, Laracasts recommends Sublime Text which makes learning highly interactive and useful. You can hunt for your favorite subjects through a long list of topics relating to Laravel.


SitePoint is a well renowned community of developers from varied backgrounds, founded by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz in 1999. The website maintains in-depth learning material for different popular languages (including PHP) via active community discussions as well as regular articles from industry experts.


Within the PHP category, SitePoint has many detailed learning resources for Laravel with topics well-suited for beginners.

Matt Stauffer’s Blog

Matt Stauffer is a well known PHP developer and the technical director at consultancy firm Tighten. He also hosts the Five-Minute Geek Show and co-hosts The Laravel Podcast.

His Laravel blog is a useful resource especially if you wish to follow the changes that have taken place in the various versions of Laravel leading up to the latest 5.5 version. The blog has popular Laravel features like Laravel Horizon and “higher order” tap ().


CodeCourse as the name suggests, is a resource that teaches you to write code through easy to follow content, and has some of the best Laravel tutorials that you can find! It offers a detailed course on Laravel taking you from the installation process, to analysis of all its popular features and functions.


It is safe to assume that you can stumble upon this resource with little to no knowledge about using Laravel, and walk out with highly applicable Laravel expertise.


CodeSource also has a very active YouTube channel with lots of useful videos on Laravel, especially the distinguishing aspects of the latest Laravel 5.5 version.

Cloudways Blog

Cloudways is among best managed cloud hosting platforms on the market that comes with full PHP 7 and Laravel support. Cloudways platform features unique mix of caching and server technologies via its ‘ThunderStack’ that promises near flawless uptime and load speed. It is hence a popular choice for Laravel projects.


The Cloudways blog features beginner tutorials as well as advanced Laravel topics from Laravel experts.

Laravel News

Laravel News, as the name would suggest is a resource you keeps you up to date on all the latest developments in the Laravel community. But it additionally has a comprehensive set of Laravel tutorials to get newbies up and going with their first Laravel projects! An active blog regularly brings out Laravel related material for Laravel developers of varying experience level.

Learning Laravel

Learning Laravel is another highly valuable resource for PHP developers looking to learn and implement Laravel in their projects.


You can select from a range of different learning options including detailed e-books. Learning Laravel has a basic cookbook that gets you familiarized with Laravel, while an advanced e-book caters to the practical use of Laravel to develop applications.

Adam Wathan’s Blog

Adam Wathan is a well-known developer in the PHP community and is the creator of Nitpick CI. He has also authored a hot-selling book ‘Refactoring to Collections’ and hosts the ‘Full Stack Radio’ podcast.


His blog is a useful resource for budding PHP developers, and if you’re planning to master Laravel, his blog will bring you a long way.

Laravel Daily Blog

Laravel Daily is a top notch consultancy firm. The firm’s blog hosted on the website is a precious resource for developers looking to start out in Laravel. Popular articles include material on Laravel validation tips and tricks and automated testing.

Laravel Tricks

Laravel Tricks is an industry resource mainly to help the Laravel community extend the framework and learn off of each other. This resource is a great way for developers to share their tips and tricks on how to use the Laravel framework more effectively.


While not exactly a resource for beginners, it is a perfect resource if you have some basic knowledge of working with Laravel.

Traversy Media YouTube Channel

Traversy Media’s YouTube channel is a fantastic resource for Laravel learners. One series in particular, titled ‘Laravel from Scratch’ is aimed particularly at beginner level developers. It is a comprehensive video series that takes through every concept concerning Laravel in detail, hitting the basics well.

Laravel Recipes

Talking about tips and tricks, how about a resource entirely dedicated to Laravel recipes? Well there you have it. is a web source that has 284 Laravel recipes to date and counting! The recipes are organized into distinct categories that makes searching for material on a particular function or feature very easy!


For starters, there are some basic sections covering topics related to configuration, HTML, form and beginner-level development – all worth their weight in gold for you if you’re just starting out in Laravel!

Just Laravel

Just Laravel has an easy-to-navigate structure that makes it an ideal resource for developers looking to learn and implement Laravel. learning from this resource extends from easily consumable posts to regular video content posted on their YouTube channel. Just Laravel also has a diverse library of top Laravel books, many of which directly address novice Laravel users through guides, references and walkthroughs.


Dunebook which positions itself as a platform for “Tutorials, Code and Inspiration for Developers” is a great resource for PHP developers! It covers a wealth of information and guides for some of the most popular PHP frameworks including Symfony, Yii and of course Laravel. The Laravel tutorials cover some very useful topics like “The Best Code Editors and IDEs Compatible with Laravel”.

Final Words

There are really endless resources on the web that you can use to build or enhance your Laravel expertise. Some of these resources are paid but most will give you practical know-how of basic Laravel concepts for free.

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Listed above are 15 web-based resources, that IN MY OPINION provide the best learning opportunities for Laravel. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below.


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