How To Prepare For SAP BASIS Interview

Basic Sap Interview Questions with answers

BASIS or business application software integrated system is a platform on which the SAP programs like MM, FICO, etc. and this is a set of programs and tools which can interface with database operating systems besides the other applications.

Some of the services that BASIS offers are database communication, exchanging business, data communicating between the various operating system, runtime collections of application data, web request etc. therefore an individual who may be keen to pursue his career in the field of software should have knowledge of SAP BASIS.

The recruitment teams in the companies follow a two-tier system while recruiting individuals with a knowledge of SAP BASIS. The first stage of the interview comprises of a written examination in which the questions are related to SAP BASIS, these must be solved, and the other questions may be descriptive or MCQ, varying on the recruiter. The second tier is an interview round where the experts ask general questions based on BASIS. A person applying for a job is expected to know the answers of the general topics which are discussed during the interview.

All those candidates who are preparing for an interview can look up the internet for the commonly asked questions on BASIS, however, these questions may vary depending on the requirement of the company and on the skill of the candidate. Quite a few websites are also available on the internet where one can derive the SAP BASIS tutorial along with a guide to the commonly asked questions during the interview.

Some of the common SAP BASIS interview questions which can be asked by a recruiter have been listed below:

  1. What is SAP BASIS?
  2. How can you maintain roles in SAP system?
  3. State the difference between system log, developer trace and system trace
  4. What are the various types of RFC?
  5. How can you analyze a problem regarding one’s SAP network?
  6. What is a private mode?
  7. What is a password policy?
  8. What is the marketplace of SAP?
  9. What is SAP NetWeaver architecture?
  10. What is OCM and how can you apply the OCM patches?
  11. What are the main responsibilities of a SAP administrator?
  12. What is the BASIS?
  13. How can you create an instance?
  14. What are the various structures of a SAP component system?
  15. What is a SAP NetWeaver administrator tool?

These questions would give a fair idea about the question asked during face to face interview. However, do keep in mind that only knowing these questions would not ensure that you are qualified for the job. The overall knowledge of SAP BASIS is the focus area. The candidate should be well- aware of the use of SAP applications utilizing SAP BASIS. The interviewer asking the BASIC interview questions will assess the candidate on his overall knowledge of BASIS.

There may be cases where additional knowledge of SAP ABAP would be essential and for dealing with such scenarios, an individual is expected to learn all the languages and software related to SAP and this will help him gain an edge over his fellow competitors.

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