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Angular CLI Install and create an application

Working With Angular CLI

Exploring Angular Cli and its usage Angular has grown into an excellent framework over time which is used for the very purpose of developing applications across platforms. With the limited phase of the framework heading to the unlimited phase, you can expect many major features being added to this framework. Today we will talk about […]

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Top features of Laravel Framework

Top Features Of Laravel Framework

Features of Laravel Framework Bundles– they provide a modular packaging with bundled features. Eloquent ORM– ORM means “object-relational mapping”. It is an advanced PHP implementation of the active record pattern. With the help of this, it presents the database table as classes. Laravel Query builder – it provides more direct access to the database. Its […]

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Explain Laravel schema ?

Explain Laravel Schema ?

The Laravel schema explained The Laravel schema is used because it provides database agnostic support for creating and manipulating tables across all the Laravel supported database systems. It has a unified API across all these systems. Various manipulations are done in a database table like- creating and dropping tables, adding columns, changing columns, renaming columns, […]

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Fixing Cross-Origin Request Blocked error in Laravel 5.5

Cross-Origin Request Blocked Error In Laravel 5.5

HTML 5 has introduced new standard Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) which allows web applications to specify which origins (website or domains) are permitted to access resources on the server. Fixing Cross-Origin Request (CORS) Blocked , Laravel access-control-allow-origin error in Laravel 5.5 When you are sending a request from Ajax, Angular js, React js, Vue js […]

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Understanding migrations in Laravel

Laravel Migration : An Introduction

Laravel migration What is migration in Laravel Steps to generate Migrations in Laravel Structure of Migration in Laravel Running Migartion in Laravel Rollback migration inlaravel Laravel migration provides a method for creating the database and it is possible to modify the database. It is one of the most required ones. In Laravel migration you need […]

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