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Laravel facades

Laravel Facades

What are laravel facades? Laravel Facades provides a static like interface to classes that are available in the application’s service container. Laravel self ships with many facades which provide access to almost all features of Laravel’s . Laravel facades serve as “static proxies” to underlying classes in the service container and provides benefits of a […]

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Laravel contracts

Laravel Contracts

What are laravel Contracts?Laravel’s Contracts are nothing but  set of interfaces that define the core services provided by the Laravel framework.You can read about How to Laravel contracts by How to use Laravel facade . Top Laravel Interview questions and answers for Fresher and Experienced

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Route grouping in laravel

Route Grouping In Laravel

Grouping Routes in laravel Sharing common requirements or attributes, such as middleware or namespaces with large number of routes needs you  to define those attributes on each individual route.Route groups allow you to share those attributes using Route::group method.You can pass these attribute as first argument of method. Examples:-Using Middleware in Route Route::group(['middleware' => 'auth'], […]

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Benefits of Laravel over other Php frameworks

Benefits Of Laravel Over Other Php Frameworks

Laravel benefits over other php framework Setup and customization process is  easy and fast as compared to others. Inbuilt Authentication System. Supports multiple file sytems Pre-loaded packages like Laravel Socialite, Laravel cashier, Laravel elixir,Passport,Laravel Scout. Eloquent ORM with PHP active record implementation.  Built in command line tool “Artisan” for creating a code skeleton ,database structure […]

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New features of laravel framework

New Features Of Laravel Framework

Below are the list of some new features provided by Laravel as compared to other Php Frameworks Inbuilt CRSF (cross-site request forgery ) Protection. Inbuilt paginations Reverse Routing Query builder Route caching Database Migration IOC (Inverse of Control) Container Or service container.

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Server requirements for installing laravel

Server Requirements For Installing Laravel

laravel 5.4 server requirements In order to install laravel 5 or above your server must full fill below requirements :- PHP >= 5.6.4 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension How to install laravel in ubuntu Step by step guide to install laravel 5.4 in ubuntu server

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