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Explain Laravel schema ?

Explain Laravel Schema ?

The Laravel schema explained The Laravel schema is used because it provides database agnostic support for creating and manipulating tables across all the Laravel supported database systems. It has a unified API across all these systems. Various manipulations are done in a database table like- creating and dropping tables, adding columns, changing columns, renaming columns, […]

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Fixing Cross-Origin Request Blocked error in Laravel 5.5

Cross-Origin Request Blocked Error In Laravel 5.5

HTML 5 has introduced new standard Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) which allows web applications to specify which origins (website or domains) are permitted to access resources on the server. Fixing Cross-Origin Request (CORS) Blocked , Laravel access-control-allow-origin error in Laravel 5.5 When you are sending a request from Ajax, Angular js, React js, Vue js […]

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Understanding migrations in Laravel

Laravel Migration : An Introduction

Laravel migration What is migration in Laravel Steps to generate Migrations in Laravel Structure of Migration in Laravel Running Migartion in Laravel Rollback migration inlaravel Laravel migration provides a method for creating the database and it is possible to modify the database. It is one of the most required ones. In Laravel migration you need […]

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How to send 404 error in laravel

Sending 404 Error Code In Laravel Or Lumen

In this post, I am going to show you how to send 404 error response code in Lumen or Laravel 5.5 Sending 404 response in JSON format if(!Post::find($id)) return response()->json(['msg'=>'Sorry,Page you are looking for does not exist'], 404); else //do stuff Generating 404 exceptions in Laravel 5.5 if(!Post::find($id)) abort(404); else //do stuff

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