Laravel Eloquent

Introduction¬† The ORM which is included with Laravel offers a reliable and easy Active Record that is implemented on behalf of to work with your database. A corresponding model will be present in each database that can available to interact the following table. It allows you to query for the data in the table and […]

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configuring database in laravel

Configure database in Laravel 5.5

Configuring Database in laravel 5.5. Laravel Provides simple steps to connect with various Databases. Currently Laravel supports four databases :- MySQL Postgres SQLite SQL Server Laravel database configuration file is located as config/database.php .Here you can define all of your database connections. Below are the steps to configure database in Laravel. MySQL Database Configuration In […]

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Crud in Laravel 5.5

CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) application in Laravel 5.5 , Laravel crud example Crud in Laravel 5.5 : In this post i am going to show you how to create a sample CRUD application in Laravel 5.5 from Scratch. Laravel is going to release his new version 5.5 in this month, It documentation is released […]

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