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An introduction to Laravel 5.5

An Introduction To Laravel 5.5

In this tutorial, we are going to cover below topic’s An Introduction to Laravel 5.5 Understanding Package Auto-Discovery in Laravel 5.5 Installing a package in laravel 5.5 New Frontend Presets Renderable Mailables Auto-Registration of Console Command Sticky Database Connections Route::redirect and Route::view Blade Improvements Queued Job Chaining Introduction Laravel 5.5 is the latest stable version […]

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Codeiginator Framework

Top 7 PHP Framworks Comparison

In this tutorial, I am going list Top 7 PHP Frameworks with their pros and cons. Laravel Laravel is a comprehensive framework designed for rapidly building applications using the MVC architecture. It is the most popular PHP framework nowadays with a huge community of developers. Codeigniter In version 2.2.1, Codeigniter boasts of clear documentation. Its […]

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Laravel 5.5 LTS is Now Released

Laravel 5.5 LTS Is Now Released

Laravel 5.5 LTS is Now Released Version 5.5 of Laravel is now officially released! This release is jam-packed with goodies and improvements: Taylor Otwell recently described his thoughts on Laravel 5.5 in this tweet: Leave tomorrow for @LaraconEU. 5.5 next week also. Favorite release yet. Love the shape the framework is in. Never been happier […]

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