Top MySQL interview questions and answers

  1. What is MySQL ?
  2. In which language mysql is written ?
  3. What is default port of MySQL server ?
  4. How to login to MySQL from Linux/unix Shell ?
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of MySQL ?
  6. List drivers supported by MySQL
  7. How to change default mysql port ?
  8. Explain the difference between BOOL, TINYINT and B…
  9. Difference between blob and text in mysql ?
  10. What are the types of joins in MySQL ?
  11. What is Blog in MySQL?
  12. Explain federated tables ?
  13. What are HEAP tables in MySQL ?
  14. How to drop an existing index in MySQL?
  15. What is the difference between char and nchar
  16. How to use LIKE conditions in MySQL?
  17. How to rename an existing column in MySQL ?
  18. What is union in mysql ?
  19. How are enums and sets represented internally ?
  20. Explain ENUM in MySQL?
  21. What is transaction in mysql ?
  22. How MySQL Optimizes DISTINCT ?
  23. List column comparison operators available in MySQ…
  24. Differentiate between CHAR_LENGTH and LENGTH ?
  25. What is mysqldump ?
  26. How To insert characters as HEX Numbers in MySQL?
  27. How to concatenate two strings in MySQL?
  28. How to view all Triggers in MySQL ?
  29. How would you select all the users, whose phone nu…
  30. How many triggers are allowed in MySQL table ?
  31. MySQL query to see all indexes of table ?
  32. How do you change a password for an existing user …
  33. Is Rollback transaction supports for DDL statement…
  34. How many columns can be used for creating index?
  35. What is an index in MySQL ?
  36. What happens when the column is set to auto increm…
  37. Explain the difference between FLOAT, DOUBLE and R…
  38. How do you control the max size of a heap table in…
  39. How to delete a column from a table in MySQL ?
  40. list all storage engines supported by MySQL?
  41. What is a database engine?
  42. Explain storage engines in MySQL?
  43. What is foreign key in MySQL?
  44. List groups of data types in MySQL ?
  45. How to get distinct columns values in MySQL ?
  46. How to get current MySQL version from query?
  47. Enable slow-query-log in MySQL ?
  48. How To Increment Dates by 1 Day in MySQL ?
  49. How would you get the current date in MySQL?
  50. How To Get a List of Indexes of an Existing Table?…
  51. What is Query Cache in MySQL?
  52. What does myisamchk do?
  53. How do you find out which auto increment was assig…
  54. What is regexp in mysql ?
  55. How To Rename a Table in MySQL?
  56. How do you convert between Unix timestamps and MyS…
  57. What is the difference between Unix timestamps and…
  58. What does “i_am_a_dummy flag” do in MySQL?
  59. What is the difference between primary key and can…
  60. What are different types keys available in mysql ?…
  61. How many types of logs are available in mysql ?
  62. How to check MySQL service is running or not
  63. Is Mysql query is case sensitive ?