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PHP artisan optimize command

php artisan optimize is used to remove the boostrap/cache/ directory files and recreates it.From Laravel 5.5 php artisan optimize commnad is removed and no longer needed. ...
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clear-compiled Command in Laravel

Laravel's clear-compiled is an artisan command to clear the compiled classes and services.To clear compiled classes in Laravel please run below command. php artisan clear-comp ...
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php artisan serve stop

How to stop laravel server?Well you have started your laravel server successfully now you want to stop server. To execute php artisan serve stop simply goto your commnad line where ...
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PHP artisan migrate command

How to Run migrations in LaravelRunning migration in Laravel is easy task. Below are few artisan commands for to run database migration in Laravel Framework. 1. php artisan migrat ...
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PHP Artisan

What is php artisan?PHP artisan is the command line interface/tool included with Laravel. It provides a number of helpful commands that can help you while you build your applicatio ...
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Laravel migration change column type

How to change column type in Laravel MigrationIn this trick we will see how to change column data type for example we are going to change a field from varchar to longText. To do th ...
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