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2024-04-20 07:17:47 Lennart Carstens-Behrens Laravel


Me and my cousin built an open source Admin-Panel/CMS for Laravel-Projects. One year ago we started with our first prototype. Just now we released the second version of the package and we would love to hear what you guys think.

Our focus is on creating a simple package, both from the point of view of the developer and the user. Meanwhile Fjord is used for many of our projects and we are continuing to improve it day by day.

The main features of Fjord are:

- Code Driven Configuration

- Using Laravel Standards

- Extendable via Vue Components

- Form Fields for Models

- User Management

- Role And Permission Management

- Media Management

- Translatable

- Headless

You can visit a demo here:

We have been working on the docs quite a lot, visit theme here:

If you are lazy clicking yourself watch a quick walkthrough video (sorry, it's silent) here:

Fjord is available on GitHub:

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