Ajax code to delete file in laravel

2024-04-20 07:11:53 Dinesh Mishra Laravel

Deleting a file from public directory in Laravel

Below is a simple code to unlink a file in laravel.

AJAX Code in your view file

var CSRF_TOKEN  =  "{{csrf_token()}}";
var postData ={
                    _token :CSRF_TOKEN,
   url: {{url('/unlink-file')}},
   type:       "post",
   dataType:   "json",
   data: postData,
   success: function(data) {
                // File removed successfully

    // Error in removing file

Code/function in your Controller

public function unlinkImage(Request $request){
			$file_data= @parse_url($request->input('url'));

			return $response;

Code for Laravel routes

Route::post('/unlink-file', array(
   'middleware' => 'csrf',
   'as'     => 'unlink-file',
   'uses'   => 'FilesController@unlinkImage'

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